What happens if you don’t have a willGeneral 

What happens if you don’t have a will?

People often neglect the importance of a will. There are several complications which may occur if you die without a will. If you die without a will the first happens is that the government takes hold of your all assets. And those assets are then distributed according to a certain procedure among your children and your better half. In this procedure the 50% of the assets are given to your spouse and the remaining half of the property is given to the children.

But it may have some damaging effects because the government may have to sell the house in order to equally distribute the property. And selling of the house could have a negative effect on both the children and the spouse. And if the children are underage or minor the government also has to select a guardian for them who can look after their part of the property. Another negative impact of dying without a will is that the loved ones of the deceased may fight among themselves to get the share in the property. There are many cases that have been reported in which the family of deceased has fought each other for the sake of the property and assets.

How to write and validate the will

You can always hire a lawyer to prepare your will. But if you are comfortable you can write your will by your own. There are plenty of soft wares that are available which can be helpful in writing the will. Before writing a will you must to arrange or compile your assets. A will also require two witness and it should be mandatory to select those as the witnesses of your will who is not beneficiary of your will. You can always take help from wills in UAE. If you hire a professional lawyer it can be easy for you to prepare the will as you just have to command the lawyer about your choices and your will will be prepared. You can seek help from DFC probate.

You also need to make someone close to you as the executor of the estate. In most of the cases the executor is the adult child or the significant other. The responsibility of the executor is that he have to make sure that the will is executed properly and as desired by the deceased. The court also keeps a check on the executor. But if your assets are in billion or millions or your assets are quite complicated it’s better to make your attorney as the executor.


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