Facts about birthdays from the beginning of time

Humans have been lurking on the face of the earth since around 200 million years. Many people came and went but what is more shocking is the fact that there are more people currently – as of this moment – alive than there are dead. This means that every second a child is born and we mark their existence with a birth date. This birthday is guaranteed to repeat every year when you order birthday cake online in Dubai for your child and gift them presents. But have you ever imagined the history of birthdays itself?

  • Pharaohs never celebrated the birthdays the day they were born on

We all have heard the looming tales about Egyptian pharaohs but it isn’t until now that we discovered the tale of rebirth. The tale suggests that the pharaohs celebrated birthdays but not on the day they were born but instead the day of their coronation. They believed that it was their crowning moment that made them God and that is when they were reborn. To mark off this celebratory occasion birthdays were invented.

  • Candles on a cake were a Greek’s invention

When you blow off candles on your eggless cake Dubai always think about blowing off the evil spirits that lurk around you because according to ancient Greek scriptures, a moon shaped round cake was an offering to the Artemis – the goddess of moon who hunt down the evil spirits of the dark gloomy night.

  • Only men could celebrate birthdays in ancient Rome

Not that women couldn’t but they weren’t allowed to. So much for patriarchy, right? In the ancient Rome it was only men who were allowed to acknowledge the fact that they turned another year old on a certain date and actually celebrate it while it wasn’t until 12th Century that a woman in Europe was recorded celebrating her birthday and that marked off the celebrations for women. This was mainly due to the fact that birth of a female child wasn’t celebrated or rather taken as a curse for the family. To hide their shame and keep up the pride, Romans continued degrading women and specifying them to the household chores and other responsibilities that woman were supposed to fulfil. They weren’t allowed to be happy in general in that era. 

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