Avoid bumps on your skin after waxing with these tips

It is extremely common for women to opt for waxing in Dubai to get rid of excessive and unwanted body hair. Once you get waxed, you skin looks a lot nicer, cleaner and smoother. Problem however is that majority of women do not look after their skin after getting waxed. This leads them to having ingrown hair. Once the ingrown hair starts surfacing the smooth and clean look of their skin tends to fade away. Waxing services are offered by just about every salon out there.

However, only the best ones offer care services for the skin once the waxing is done. For this, they are known to make use of some of the best products around. The sad part though is that, a majority of women simply ignore this service. If you are interested in looking after your skin on your own after getting it waxed, then make sure that you follow the tips given below:


1- Get rid of dry, dead skin

If you truly want to avoid having to deal with ingrown hair, then it is necessary for you to get rid of your dead and dry skin. For this, you should exfoliate the waxed area two to three times a week. Make use of a grainy exfoliator but do not exfoliate it too much as that will cause irritation and redness.


2- Moisturize the waxed area

Apply lotion to the waxed area to make sure that it is properly moisturized. The best creams to use for this purpose are antiseptics that contain tea tree oil, aloe vera and distilled witch hazel. Avoid using lotions that contain perfumes as that will irritate your skin.


3- Soak in a bath

It is extremely important for you to soak the affected area in a bath that contains epsom salt or dead sea salt. You could also consider using anti-bacterial shower gels for this purpose. What you need to know is that, thins might sting a little when done in the first 24 hours of the treatment. However, it is important for you to do so at least two to three times a week.


Apart from all of that, you should avoid exposure to extreme heat, tanning and swimming particularly in the first 48 hours of the treatment. To avoid rubbing and chaffing, it is also recommended for you to wear loose clothing, during the first 24 hours of being waxed. Hop over to this website for further details.


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