5 Unknown Facts About Armored Vehicles You Need To Know

For some people, armoured vehicles UAE are vehicles used by well-known personalities to protect themselves from impending attacks. But there is more to these vehicles then a protective aspect. In fact, there are a lot of interesting facts that you might find interesting to know.

If you are pretty interested about this kind of vehicle, be sure to read our list of good-to-know facts, and you might consider buying one for yourself:

  • It is impregnable at some point


Some people think that armoured vehicles are sturdy enough to be indestructible. Unless your armored is made of the fictional vibranium, then expect that your armored vehicle can be destructible at some point. Depending on the level of threat and danger, an armored vehicle can be penetrated when it reaches it is protective point. But unlike common vehicles, an armoured car can help you to buy more time so you can get yourself out of danger.


  • Da Vinci started it all


Who knew that the famous painter, who created the famous Mona Lisa painting, was one of the first ones to design an armoured vehicle. Although his design didn’t pushed through, the said vehicle was pretty advance stuff for their generation. The design of the said vehicle was said to be turtle-shaped and is protected by cannons. Talk about the level of security.


  • The first one is a mobile bank


Some people think that the first armored vehicles are private cars. But actually, the first ones in the market were mobile banks. The Bellamore Armored Motor Bank Car was a mobile bank used in the streets of New York, USA. This vehicle was designed by a British inventor and entrepreneur and was said to be bulletproof and can withstand fire and high temperatures.


  • It can world even in flat tires


Driving on a flat tire can stop you in the middle of your journey. But not an armored car. Armored vehicles are designed to function even during calamities. The tires of these vehicle can still support the vehicle even it is shot or if the interiors are pierced.


  • You can double this as a panic room


If you don’t have a space for a panic room in your house, then you might want to give armored vehicles a try. Given its features, you can use this as a panic room and a getaway vehicle should someone will try to attack you and your loved ones at home.

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