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Things no one tell you about gluten

Gluten is a protein which is present in some grains like wheat, barley and rye. People will often avoid taking gluten rich food because it will make you bloated and fat. Some people need to avoid gluten altogether from their diet as they do not have the immunity to digest it. If those people will take gluten then they might get the celiac disease although it is not very common but people do experience this disease. In order to avoid any kind of pain or discomfort they need to have low carb diet Dubai or to get the plan about gluten free diet Dubai. They need to avoid the regular diet like other people. If a person has this disease then the body of that person will react to the presence of the gluten protein and take it as a foreign threat so react against it this result in stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, rashes and many other discomforts. 

If anyone has these symptoms quite often then they need to go for the blood test to know that whether they are positive with the disease or not. If the test comes negative then you need to take care of your diet more and act upon the advice of the doctor. Complete the course of medicine to avoid any future problem. If the test comes positive then doctor will ask you to go for the biopsy from your intestine. In this procedure a small tissue of your intestine is taken and then it will be tested in the laboratory that how much damage is there in the body. 

If you come up with above symptoms and want to try a gluten free diet then you have to first get yourself checked from a good doctor. If you start taking the gluten free diet then it will be very difficult to diagnose your disease. If the celiac disease will go undiagnosed then the body will react more intensely once you take gluten rich food. If you start taking gluten free diet after having the border line sensitivity for gluten then you have to take diet for few weeks and then again see that whether the symptoms appear again or not. If they appear again then go for detail checkup as you might have another problem.

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