Extremely helpful tips for Canada immigration

As you must be aware of the fact that Canada has a point based system which basically means that your visa application is enrolled on the basis of points which will determine how strong your case is. Well, here are some extremely helpful hints for immigration Canada which will get you through the scoring system to make it helpful for you.

  • Retake your IELTS

As you must have already heard about the famous English language test which determines you ability and capabilities of speaking, reading and writing skills in English, you must have also already taken the test. The reason we ask you to retake it is because it will help you in increasing your points and the higher the IELTS score is, the better chances at points you have. So don’t skip this extremely necessary step.

  • Score a job

We have said this several times and we will say it again, letting your job on pending is never a good option or trying to immigrate to a completely new country without a primary source of income is never a good idea. Always consider the option of scoring a job because it can earn you quite a hefty some of points based on the field and industry. Make sure you have the offer letter and everything prepared to enrol in.

  • Keep the education process going

Even if you are considering the option of studying abroad, it is no reason to give up studies before the process is even completed. Canada values study a lot so if you have enrolled in any 3 years degree program then it can surely gain you points. It is not only the degree programs which will be beneficial but it is also the different certificate programs which hold immense value. Look into it all based on your interested field and then work for it.

  • Manage the spousal point criteria

This is something unknown to a lot of people but if you plan on listing your legal spouse on the application then it can go either way for you. Before enrolling their name in with your application, always remember to check what their score is, because if not high enough, some points from your application will be taken to be enrolled in theirs and this can bring down your count.

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