5 Design Hacks To Make Your Exhibition Stand A Success

When joining exhibitions and trade events, you need to make sure that you are ready to wow the audience. Apart from having a compelling booth design, you also need to ensure that your exhibition stand will pique the interest of the people at first glance.

Top exhibition stand builders in Dubai shared some valuable tips on how you can make the most out of your exhibition stand:

  • Create a stunning visual

Probably one of the most important tip you need to keep in mind when designing your exhibition stand. You need to remember that your exhibition stand will compete with hundreds of exhibition stand in the area. It should be able to capture of the target audience in the first 5 seconds. So be sure to tell a compelling story with your design. Do not go for something generic. Try to incorporate your brand in your design.

  • Think about your white space

If lack of creative design in a graphic material is criminal, so is over designing a material. Some business owners think that the more design element you put, the more effective the design will be. But you need to make sure that the design would “breathe”. Putting unnecessary design elements would only confuse the design concept. Be sure to utilize the white space to eliminate the meaningless noise in the design.

  • Incorporate other media

Back in the days, exhibition stand is just a graphic material. But with the changes in the graphic design industry, graphic designers become open to incorporating other materials to further enhance the design. If you want to lure in more people to your both, try making your exhibition stand interactive. You can incorporate other types of media like iPads or tablets that would continuously play a video or offer an interactive game. Talk to your exhibition stand contractor in Dubai on how you can make it happen.

  • Use light to your advantage

This is important, especially if you will be putting your stand in a dark corner or the event will happen for the whole day. Lighting up your exhibition stand will help highlight its features and also make it visible, especially during nighttime.

  • Think about future use

Exhibition stands can be expensive, so it would be best if you can design something that you can use many times over. Apart from the design, the material should be sturdy enough for future use.